Stamp Duty FAQ

Can I complete any transaction without providing any witness information?

Yes. However, this depends on the type of stamp duty transaction​

What is Stamp duty certificate used for?

Stamp duty certificate number is used for identification of stampable transaction(s), validation and verification by third party agencies.​

Is Stamp Duty Certificate number important for any stamp duty transaction?

Stamp duty certificate number is important for all stamp duty transactions. Without it, the transaction is invalid.

What if my TIN is already in use on Integrated Stamp Duties Services (ISDS)

The system will automatically inform you that the TIN provided is already in use. You will be required to provide another TIN for registration purposes.​

What is the objective of granting exemptions on Stamp duties?

The primary objective of allowing exemptions to Government Establishments or instruments on which the incidence of duty is to be borne by any tier of the government is to avoid an incidence where Government pays tax to government.​

Will I receive my certificate via Email after registration?

Yes. The system will automatically send a copy of the stamp duty certificate to the email of the user who processed the transaction. Users are advised to use their email when processing their transactions. ​

What is ISDS?

ISDS stand for Integrated Stamp Duties Services. It is an online platform that enables duty payers carryout their stamp duty transactions without necessarily going to a physical office. It covers Assessment, Payments and e-Stamping.​

Why do I need TIN to pay Stamp Duties?

Taxpayer Identification Number is a unique number that keeps and integrated record of all tax payments made by the taxpayer regardless of tax type.​


How do I get the ISDS user manual?

ISDS manual can be downloaded from Click on RESOURCES on the menu then click on click to download below user manual.​


Which Tax Identification Number (TIN) should I use for ISDS?

Users can only use JTB or FIRS Tax Identification Number (TIN)


How do I Log in?

On stamp duty portal, click on the SIGN IN button at the top right corner of the website. Provide your username and password on the login page and click on LOG IN button.​


How do I view stamp duty instruments on ISDS?

Click on the LIST OF SERVICES AND RATE icon on the home page, to view all types of stamp duties. Note: You can also search for different stamp duty instruments by using the search bar function at the top of the page (beside the FIRS logo).


How do I get RRR for payment?

RRR only works for Remita payment platform. Users who make payment using Remita platform will be assigned RRR number automatically when payment is successful. ​


How can I verify my ISDS account?

A new ISDS account is verified through your email address. A verification link will be sent to your email address upon registration. You are required to login into your email and click on the verification link to activate your ISDS account. ​


How do I view my stamp duty certificate from the user dashboard?


How do I view transactions on ISDS?


Browser/site showing my connection is not private?

Simply click on the ADVANCED button. Then click on the PROCEED TO STAMPDUTY.GOV.NG (UNSAFE) link ​


Will I receive my Stamp Duty certificate via Email after a successful transaction?

No. After processing a successful transaction on ISDS, the certificate is available for printing in your user dashboard. ​



During the process of company incorporation (via CAC website), will I receive my Stamp Duty certificate via Email?

No. You can view and download your certificate by login into ISDS with the username and password that will be sent to the transaction email address on ISDS ​