• - The Levy is governed by National Information Technology Development Agency Act, CAP N156 LFN 2004 (as amended)
  • - The Levy is charged at the rate of 1% of Profit before tax
  • - The Levy is charged on specified companies with turnover of N100 million and above
  • Companies liable to pay the Levy are:
    • - GSM Service Providers and all Telecommunication Companies
    • - Cyber Companies and Internet Providers
    • - Pension Managers and Pension Related Companies
    • - Banks and other Financial Institutions and
    • - Insurance Companies
  • - The due date for filing return and payment of the Levy is the same as in Companies Income Tax
  • - Failure to pay the Levy at due date shall attract a penalty of ten per cent (10%) and interest at prevailing minimum rediscount rate of the CBN and if payment is not made within one month, enforcement shall take place.

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