FIRS, Nigeria Police Partner To Raise Revenue

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) have agreed to collaborate on tax revenue collection and information dissemination through the Nigeria Police Broadcasting Service (NPBS).

The Executive Chairman of the FIRS, Tunde Fowler, while receiving the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Kpotum Idris, noted the blessings of the existing FIRS-NPF relationship and stressed the need for the agencies to explore further areas of collaboration.

Fowler said Nigeria has come to the realisation that taxation is important in the economy of every nation and that no country could do without it especially as the price of crude oil continues to go down across the globe.

“Nigeria has come to the realisation that without taxation, there will be no funding for both the current and future budgets. We have a long-standing relationship with the Nigeria Police Force. Apart from protection, you (the Police) play a vital role during tax enforcement. We believe that, as partners in progress, there are other ways we can partner to generate revenue for the government”, Fowler said.

The IG restated the support of the NPF for FIRS, stating that tax revenue remains the blood of the country. He said that no nation ever succeeded without taxation. 

The Police IG on the other hand said that payment of tax is good for a nation as it compels people to ask questions. Recalling how he paid steep taxes in some countries during his United Nations Mission Programme, Idris noted: “Most developed countries live on taxes and that is why they ask questions to those they pay taxes to. They ask questions on what the state has done with their monies and their governments have to pay attention because tax is a prerequisite before you can do most things”, he said.

The Chief Cop noted that on the part of the Police, the “Nigeria Police is making effort to change the face of policing in Nigeria through introduction of People Oriented Policing strategy”.

The NPF also sought for the support of the FIRS in its communication project—the establishment of the Nigeria Police Broadcasting Service (NPBS).

“Communication is very vital to policing. People need information about the police and what we are doing. Therefore, we are working on the establishment of the Nigeria Police Broadcasting Service (NPBS) and we need your support to realise this project”, Idris said.

A presentation by the Police team shows that round-the-clock information dissemination, emergency numbers and round-the-clock surveillance have reduced crime in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Stressing need for collaborations at all levels, Fowler noted that FIRS has simplified tax collection processes and made payment of taxes convenient through technology by deploying online solutions, namely: e-Registration; e-Stamp Duty; e-tax payment; e-Receipt; e-Filing and e-Tax Clearance Certificate.

“The e-Registration (electronic Registration) enables taxpayers to register with FIRS electronically. To do business with FIRS, one needs to be duly registered. Now, you could get registered and authenticated online by visiting the FIRS website incorporated businesses are to go to: and follow the end to end process which h includes payment of Stamp Duties to complete your incorporation process.

The e-Stamp Duty (electronic Stamp Duty) enables taxpayers to pay their Stamp Duties online. Under the new e-Stamp Duty from the FIRS, stamping could be done from the comfort of your home or office. In the past, it required a physical stamp. The e-tax payment (electronic payment of taxes) allows taxpayers to pay their taxes electronically, from the comfort of their homes and offices using platforms such as e-taxpay, remitta and interswitch”, Fowler said.

The FIRS Chief Executive added that e-Receipt (electronic Receipt) enables taxpayers to receive electronic receipt after payment of taxes while the e-filing (electronic filing) enables taxpayers to file tax returns electronically through the FIRS website (

He noted that e-TCC (electronic Tax Clearance Certificate) provides an e-repository of all Tax Clearance Certificates (TCCs) issued by FIRS and enables FIRS Staff and authorised third parties to verify TCCs, thereby reducing the incidence of fraudulent certificates. 

“Basically, what we have provided for Nigerians is convenience to pay their taxes and we know that this will the level of tax compliance. I like to thank the Police Force for giving their maximum support to Nigerian including when it comes to revenue generation across the country”.

“We are your key partners and we will continue to collaborate to provide service to the Nigeria. Of course, our partnership with the Police will continue to grow strong”, Fowler said.

Wahab Gbadamosi
H/Communications and Servicom Department
Federal Inland Revenue Service​