Please note that the following documents are required at the point of every payment request you submit:

  1. A written request for payment on the company’s letter headed paper dully signed by the authorised signatories of the company.
  2. A photocopy of the Contract Award Letter/Job order is required for every payment request and the original should be returned in the case of full and final payment.
  3. Original invoice/job completion certificate to be attached for all Contract/Job orders (NB: Original Delivery Note for contract on Goods).
  4. Bank details MUST be submitted at every payment request clearly stating the name, branch and address of your banker, sort code, TIN number of the firm, and mobile telephone number of the authorized contact officer. Also note that this information must be on the firm’s letter headed paper.
  5. Please note that the Service is currently operating on a new electronic software (SAP) for payments of services rendered. In view of the foregoing, any change in account details must be effected and the service notified accordingly before any request for payment is made. Also note that this information must be on the firm’s letter headed paper and duly signed by the company’s authorized signatories.
  6. In the case of request for 15% Advance Payment, you are required to submit a bank guarantee from a bank or a bond from any of the acceptable list of Insurance firms by the Service (NB: The acceptable list of Insurance firms can be obtained at the Payment unit of the Procurement Department).
  7. Please note that all documents submitted must be original except as in (2) above.
  8. Be guided, please.

Thank you.

Okorafor Frances Nwakaego
Head / Procurement