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What FIRS Does

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The Federal Inland Service, FIRS has the mandate to assess, collect, account and enforce payment of taxes as may be due to the Government or any of its agencies.

Section 2 of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (Establishment) Act 2007 stipulates that the object of the Service shall be to control and administer the different taxes and laws specified in the first schedule or other laws made or to be made, from time to time, by the National Assembly or other regulations made thereunder by the Government of the Federation and to account for all taxes collected.
The first schedule of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (Establishment) Act 2007 listed taxes to be administered by FIRS to include-:
1.      Companies Income Tax Act Cap. 60 LFN, 1990
2.      Petroleum Profits Tax Act Cap. 354 LFN, 1990
3.      Personal Income Tax Act No. 104, 1993
4.      Capital Gains Tax Act Cap. 42 LFN, 1990
5.      Value Added Tax Act 1993 No. 102, 1993
6.      Stamp Duty Act Cap. 411 LFN, 1990
7.      Taxes and Levies (Approved List for collection) Act 1998 No. 2, 1998
8.      All regulations, proclamation, government notices or rules issued in terms of these legislation
9.      Any other law for the assessment, collection and accounting of revenue accruable to the Government of the Federation as may be made by the National Assembly from time to time or regulation incidental to those laws, conferring any power, duty and obligation on the Service.
10. Enactment or Laws imposing collection Taxes and Levies within the Federal Capital Territory
11. Enactment or Laws imposing collection of taxes, fees and levies collected by other government agencies and companies including signature bonus, pipeline fees, penalty for gas flared, depot levies and licenses, fees for Oil Exploration Licence (OEL), Oil Mining Licence (OML), Oil Production License (OPL), royalties, rents (productive and non-productive), fees for licences to operate drilling rigs, fees for oil pipeline licences, haulage fees and all such fees prevalent in the oil industry but not limited to the above.
To download a full version of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (Establishment) Act, please click on the link below;